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The nutrient-richness of CARTESA's products complies with traceability processes from feeding the livestock, genetics, the time and dedication of the breeders, providing the products with a high percentage of monounsaturated acids. Furthermore, the products are rich in iron and other natural nutrients.

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Being able to enjoy the aroma and taste CARTESA's products is a great experience that will enable you to clearly differentiate our products from others. This is when one appreciates that good things are worth the effort. All the flavour of Teruel within the reach of any palate.
Try them, they are delicious.

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CARTESA is working towards the sustainable development of the land through its strategic plan, benefiting society and boosting respect for the environment. We are driving projects that favour the sustainability of everyone, forming a common axis between the land, nature and society.


Teruel as a benchmark. Due to its nature, its privileged climate and an expanse of land that produces a quality raw material: the cereals of Teruel. CARTESA offers great quality value, due to its use of cutting-edge technologies and with the quality certificates that vouch for our success.


Integrated production system that allows us to control from the production and selection of the best cereals to the development of the final product in the different formats demanded by the market. This whole process has the following certificates:

  • ISO 22.000 / IFS / BRC / SISTEMA SAE, in the Meat Industry.
  • As well as selling in several highly-demanding European Union countries, the Business is approved for third-party countries such as Japan and Korea.

During the creation of the CARTESA project, we were awarded numerous local, regional and national awards which vouch for and accredit the quality and continuity of the same:

  • Best Spanish agro-food company
  • Aragonex entrepreneur Prize
  • Technological Innovation Prize
Premio Mejor Industria Agroalimentaria Española, Año 2006
Premio Aragonex Emprendedores, Año 2007
Premio Innovación Tecnológica, Año 2006/2007