Head end of loin

100% lean meat, which is generally served without bone. It comes from the deboning of the head end of the loin (6.7 vertebrae next to the pig’s head). It has a large content of infiltrated fat which gives it a very mellow flavour.

Colour: intense pink with streaks of infiltrated fat.

Flavour: very juicy in the mouth, firm aspect, it does not exude and is very tender.

Comes from pigs bred in agreement with the requirements of the "Jamón de Teruel" Denomination of Origin.

Cabezada de Lomo

Nutritional value (per 100 gr.)

Energy value
956 Kj/230 Kcal
20,3 g
16,1 g
0,0 g
1,0 g

Bone proportion (per 100 gr.)

Bone: 0 g / Meat: 100 g
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